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All goods purchased by Simon Fraser University from vendors outside Canada are subject to clear Canada Customs at the border or airport. Simon Fraser University, as the Importer of Record for the University, is responsible for customs compliance and clearance of goods crossing the Canadian border.

CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) is the federal government department responsible for ensuring compliance with Canada’s tax, trade and border regulations. CBSA reserves the right to inspect shipments at the importer’s expense. It may also deny entry of a shipment into Canada, seize the contents, or request additional information.

If SFU is found non-compliant, CBSA may levy financial penalties under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS). In order to avoid potential penalties, SFU needs to ensure that all customs entry and export documents are accurately completed.

As such, you should only sign for deliveries of shipments you have ordered or are expecting. By signing for a shipment, you are accepting total liability for all potential related charges including taxes, duty and brokerage fees.


Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited shipments inbound and outbound require a Purchase Order issued by SFU Procurement Services. Create a requisition for the estimated value of the goods, shipping, taxes, and duties. Contact Rita Narovlyansky ( for more details.

For Thompson Ahern inquiries, contact:

Suzanne Drummond
Clearance Processing Lead
Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited
Toll free 1-866-778-4460

Mary Jane Johnston
Service Manager

Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited
Toll free 1-866-778-4460

Suzanne Drummond
Clearance Processing Lead
Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited
Toll free 1-866-778-4460


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