Finance Program Phase Two

Welcome to the Finance Program Phase Two website

Here you can find a repository of Program communications, such as Powerpoint decks, information pages on system features, whats changing, when and stakeholder events. This site was built for the use of all Finance Program stakeholders. 

Program Overview 

Phase 2 will leverage the ground work laid in Phase 1 with the FINS Upgrade to 9.2 and the implementation of the new chart of accounts.  We will improve service to the community through clearer, simplified financial processes and the automation of workflow for many existing manual processes.  The timeline for Phase 2 is from December 2016 to the end of March 2018.

News and Information 

Scope of the Changes

Phase 2 consists of a number of independent changes that will be rolled out gradually as the work is ready for stakeholders.

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More Information?

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Stakeholder Impacts

Phase 2 changes will impact  departments in different ways. These pages provide info specific to the following groups


Working Groups

To learn more about the program working group click here 

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