Online Approvals
Travel and Expenses, Cash Advances and Requisitions

This page provides links to training videos and reference materials when using online approvals.

Training Videos

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When entering a claim or requisition:     
Completing the Lost Receipt Form
How to Create a Cash Advance
Scanning and Attaching Receipts to an Expense Claim
When approving a transaction:              
Approving Travel & Expenses
Approving Requisitions
When reviewing a transaction:             
Reviewing a Purchase Requisition
Reviewing a Travel and Expense Claim

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Reference Materials

When entering a claim or requisition:

When approving a transaction:

When reviewing a transaction:

Mobile Phone Apps

Here are 5 apps that work well for scanning receipts:

    - Scanner Pro
    - Turbo Scan
    - Tiny Scanner
    - Finescanner
    - Microsoft Office Lens

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