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Be sure to watch the course Using the Online Knowledge Centre to see how to navigate the online training system.  

Knowledge Centre Structure

Each of the online courses begins with a process overview and then a series of how to topics that allows you to watch a demonstration (called “See It”) on entering, viewing or changing a transaction. You then have the ability to enter the scenario yourself (called “Try It”).

The courses are updated as changes occur or based on user feedback.

Some of the features training system include:

  • Tracking which courses/topics you have started and completed.
  • Tracking the last topic taken.
  • Link to content on the Finance website when it refers to policies or practices, which you can review without exiting the course.
  • Functionality that allows you to “Ask an Expert” a question about a topic not included or unclear in the training.
  • Functionality that allows you to provide feedback on a topic. If you have suggestions on how to improve the training, simply click the Feedback icon and enter your feedback in the email screen. The email sent to Finance automatically includes the topic, course name, etc. so the training content can be made more meaningful over time.
  • The estimated time to view the "See It" based on the length of the video has been added to the course name (i.e. General Guide to FINS (Estimated Time: 7m13s): it takes about 7 minutes and 13 seconds to finish all topics in General Guide to FINS course).

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