Finlayson Biodiversity Symposium & Reception

March 25, 2014

The Finlayson Biodiversity Symposium and Reception was held on March 25, 2014.  Mounted as part of the year-long celebrations marking Dr. Finlayson's centenary, it drew distinguished researchers in the fields of Pest Management, Ecology and Evolution from across the country.  The Finlayson Biodiversity Plenary Speaker will be an annual event.

Keynote Speaker:

Heather Proctor, University of Alberta

"The Accidental Taxonomist: Necessity, Serendipity and the Roles of Taxonomy in Ecological and Evolutionary Research."

For more on Accidental Taxonomists, see Heather's blog:  The Inquisitive Anystid - Ponderings on Words and Biota


Dave Gillespie, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

"The Warp and the Weft:  A tapestry in Biodiversity and Biological Control."

Therese Poland, US forest Service

"Research Challenges Following Discovery of a New Exotic Forest Pest:   The Emerald Ash Borer."

Jolene Swain, MPM Candidate, Cory Lab, SFU

"Insect herbivores in a changing climate:  implications for pest management in apple orchards"

Sebastian Ibarra, MPM Candidate, Gries Lab, SFU

"The best defense is a good offense: Pheromone mediated defensive behaviour in the bald-faced hornet."

Tanya Stemberger, MSc Candidate, Roitberg Lab, SFU

"Studying two sides of the same coin: Resource impacts and responses to spotted-wing Drosophila invasion"

Jen Scholefield, MPM Candidate, Cory Lab, SFU

"Competition between pathogens: evolutionary dynamics and the role of the host immune system"