FNLP Admission (& Deadlines)

Admission/Readmission to First Nations Languages Program (FNLP)

Students from a First Nations partner community interested in entering a First Nations Languages Program (FNLP)1 must first apply for admission to SFU through our Admission1 process. 

Readmission Application: Students who have completed a SFU Program or have a SFU credential or have been away from SFU from more than three consecutive academic terms and attended post-secondary institutions for academic study must apply for readmission to SFU as well.

1 FNEP Basis of Admission.    (FNEP - First Nations Community Academic Outreach Programming)


2019-2020 Programs
Deadline for admission to Summer 2019 and Fall 2019:  Early Applications accepted between October 1 to January 31, 2019.

Summer 2019 FNLP Application: 
Deadline:  March 15, 2019
(Official transcripts pertaining to your application must be received by FNLP by mid-April 2019 if you have not ordered it already at the time you submitted your application.)

Fall 2019 FNLP Application:

Deadine (part time cohort admsission):  Accepted between January 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019.
Deadline (full time cohorts admission):  Submit application by March 29, 2019.

(Official Transcripts pertaining for your application must be received by FNLP by early May 23, 2019.)


For application, fees and other admission application information, please see below.



SFU FNEP Admission/Readmission Application and the SFU FNEP Supplemental Information Form in use are provided below.

Basic PDF forms: 

Print, complete, sign, and return to SFU First Languages Program:

1) FNEP Admission/Readmission:  



2) FNLP/FNEP Supplementary Information Form

    Click  pdf above.

Attention: FNLP Applicants

Please complete the Supplemental form and return with your admission application.

See also Additional Documentation section on this webpage regarding Official Transcripts requirements.

Immersion Cohort ApplicantsIn addition to the above, please provide two Letters of Reference.


Please note on the FNLP Supplemental form any of the categories below that is applicable to you:

a) Completed less than 30 units (10 courses or less) of post-secondary academic credit courses since high school.
b) Last attended school over 12 months ago or where education was interrupted for more than six months.
c) Attended secondary school to Grade 11 (or Grade 10).
d) Applying as a Mature student (over 23 years old with no postsecondary education).

Fillable PDF forms:

Click the pdf icon below to open document.

Complete and email completed form to fnlp@sfu.ca;
AND also print page 5, sign, and return signed original
First Nations Languages/Community Academic Outreach (by mail to RCB8119, SFU Burnaby Campus, or email  at fnlp@sfu.ca.)

FNLP (FNEP) Fillable Application and Supplementary Form: 

* SFU FNEP Application form (2019-Fillable).pdf
FNLP (FNEP) Fillable Application: In production. Please use pdf above.

Please complete, sign forms, and return all documents to:

the First Nations Languages Program (FNLP) Office

(by mail - see below for address or by email (fnlp@sfu.ca)



Latest copies of Official transcripts will be required if you have completed secondary and/or postsecondary work. 

Please request official transcript be sent directly from your academic institution(s) to the FNLP Office:

First Nations Languages Program
Robert C. Brown Hall 8119
     (or write 'SFU-RCB 8119' if space is limited)
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6 Canada




Please completesign and return your original signed application (and/or supplement form) to:

Attention:  First Nations Languages Program (FNLP)
Simon Fraser University
Robert C. Brown Hall, Room RCB 8119 [or simply RCB 8119]
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

(Fax service is no longer available nor in use in FNLP.)

For FNLP Application completion assistance, please write to/email fnlp@sfu.ca or call 778.782.9763
(or 1 800 399 5565 Toll_Free BC)

See also FNEP Student Reactivation Application.

Note: There is an application fee of $79.50a (payable to SFU) due at the time of application. If you have sponsorship for this fee, please complete the SFU FNEP Indigenous Student Authorization Form and return it along with your SFU FNLP/FNEP application form to us.

a Application fee for an academic year admission processing is subject to SFU rate increase.



Please arrange for original hardcopy official transcripts to be sent from your non-SFU academic institution to the First Nations Languages Program at SFU to our address noted above.

Pleaes mark official transcript to the attention of FNLP Manager (FNLP Manager, Academic Advisor) where space is available.

Please ensure you have ordered the official transcipts by the time you submit your SFU FNEP Application (for admission). Thank you.


SFU Admission Requirements and General Information

SFU admission requirements and general information is available online at:

Aboriginal Undergraduate Admission
Information on Aboriginal Undergraduate Admission is found in the [ Special/Other ] tab on the SFU Admission Requirements webpage.

Aboriginal Peoples
The term Aboriginal Peoples refers to First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit peoples of Canada. 

Aboriginal Undergraduate Admission Policy

Aboriginal applicants who do not meet the competitive average set by individual faculties and schools can apply under the Aboriginal Undergraduate Admission Policy. Applicants must normally be high school graduates and meet the general university minimum requirements for admission.

Regular admission

Aboriginal applicants who meet the competitive average and general university requirements should apply directly to their faculty or program of choice. See students.sfu.ca/admission for general university admission requirements.


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