Additional Documents

To apply for admission/readmission into the First Nations Languages Program (FNLP), please make sure to complete, sign, and submit all of the following forms: 

   ▢   FNLP/FNEP Admission/Readmission Application Form 

   ▢   FNLP/FNEP Supplementary Information Form

   ▢   Additional Documentation (if applicable)

For FNLP application completion assistance, please email or call 778-782-9763 / 1 800 399 5565 (Toll Free BC).

Please submit the following documentation if any of the below is applicable to you: 

Sponsorship of Application Fee

There is an application fee of $79.50a (payable to SFU) due at the time of application. If you have sponsorship for this fee, please complete the Indigenous (First Nations) and Métis Student Sponsorship Authorization Form and submit it along with your completed application forms. 

a Application fee for an academic year admission processing is subject to SFU rate increase.

Immersion Cohort Applicants

If you are an Immersion Cohort applicant, please provide two Letters of Reference in addition to the Admission/Readmission Application Form and Supplementary Information Form.

Official Transcripts

If you have completed secondary and/or post-secondary work, you will be required to submit the latest copies of your official transcripts from all educational institutions that you have attended. Please ensure that you have ordered your official transcripts by the time you submit your admission application. 

An official transcript:

  • is issued directly from the educational institution to SFU in a sealed envelope 
  • bears the original institutional seal, stamp, or signature 
  • is in the original language of instruction

Please request your official transcript to be sent directly from your educational institution(s) to the First Nations Languages Program (FNLP) office at our address noted below:

Attn: FNLP Academic Advisor
First Nations Languages Program
Simon Fraser University
RCB 8119 - 8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6 Canada