To apply for admission/readmission into the First Nations Languages Program (FNLP), please make sure to complete, sign, and submit all of the following forms: 

   ▢   FNLP/FNEP Admission/Readmission Application Form 

   ▢   FNLP/FNEP Supplementary Information Form

   ▢   Additional Documentation (if applicable)

For FNLP application completion assistance, please email or call 778-782-9763 / 1 800 399 5565 (Toll Free BC).

Admission/Readmission Application Form

Please complete the Admission/Readmission Application Form, AND print and sign page 5 of the form.

NOTE: You may email your completed form to but you must submit the signed original of page 5 by mail to the FNLP office. 

Supplementary Information Form

Please complete the Supplemental Form and submit the form along with the other required forms/documentation. 

If any of the categories below is applicable to you, please note it on the Supplementary Information Form:

  • Completed less than 30 units (10 courses or less) of post-secondary academic credit courses since high school
  • Last attended school over 12 months ago or where education was interrupted for more than six months
  • Attended secondary school to Grade 10 or Grade 11
  • Applying as a mature student (over 23 years old with no post-secondary education)