Brochure and Other Information

First Nations Languages Program (FNLP)
and Community Academic Outreach Programming (FNEP)

Brochure - Programs and FNEP/FNLP Student Information

* FNLP_Brochure_verNov2019_booklet.pdf
FNLP Programs and Student Information Brochure (v.November 2019) (Booklet Landscape Orientation)
* FNLP_Brochure_verNov2019.pdf
FNLP Programs and Student Information Brochure (v.November 2019) (8 1/2 by 11 Portrait Orientation)


  • FNLP  denotes First Nations Languages Program, the administrative unit that oversee FNEP, FNLG & FNL Proficiency Programs.
  • FNEP offers academic educational programs in First Nations Communities
  • FASS - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences where FNLP resides.
  • FNLG - First Nations Languages Instruction and FN Language courses
  • CFNLP - Certificate in First Nations Language Proficiency
  • DFNLP - Diploma in First Nations Language Proficiency (New program! Launched Fall 2018)
  • LFNL GC - Graduate Certificate in the Linguistics of a First Nations Language (This is a graduate level program.)
  • LFNL MA - Linguistics of a First Nations Language (Masters of Art)
  • LING - Linguistics courses. (Also Department of Linguistics - the academic home department of FNLP.)

FNLP/FNEP Cohorts - Enrollment/Course Fees/Sponsorships:


FNLP (FNEP) Cohort Students:
Most cohort's will have their course enrollment processed by the SFU FNLP Office.  (Some students will be able to self-enroll into their respective cohort section via SIS.)

For assistance with enrollment, please contact the FNLP Academic Advisor or FNLP Program Assistant at Please email using your email and include your SFU Student ID number in your email.

Please make sure your student account is up-to-date or your pre-approved tuition sponsorship authorization is received by SFU by the time online enrollment opens to ensure eligibility to enroll into courses on your assigned enrollment date in (


FNLP Indigenous Student Sponsorship Authorization:
Please email completed and sponsor-authorized (signed) forms to


Student Accounts notificiations regarding for FNLP-cohort courses:

Please contact the FNLP Office ( for FNLP-administered courses' fees calculation.  (Fees are subject to change.)

On occasion automated emails will be sent by SFU Student Accounts or Student Collections which may NOT be APPLICABLE to FNLP Cohort Groups, if you received such emails while you are attending a FNLP/FNEP Cohort course,  please contact FNLP Office ( directly to ask our office to review and confirm if the automated email you received do apply to your enrollment in a cohort term.

Students are responsible to review their enrollment and student account activities on a regular basis.
FNLP/FNEP Cohort Students are responsible to contact their bandsponsors to complete the FNLP Indigenous Student Sponsorship Authorization (form) and submit the completed and signed form to FNLP.


Academic Calendar - Current

Click HERE to view current Academic Calendar. (Each term's academ calendar is published separately and available online.)


Fall 2019

Student Services post each Academic term's Schedule of classes course listing online.

Fall 2019 course enrollment via SIS ( or will open beginning in July 8th, 2019. CFNLP and DFNLP online enrollment will be available to admitted or currently active students late July (later part of the July 23rd week).



Not all FNLP-administered courses are eligible for U-PASS.



SFU U-Pass Information

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SFU Term Code

  • This four digit code denotes the century, year and academic term. (Spring-1, Summer-4, Fall-7).
  • The term "1197" means 21st Century, year 2019, and the last digit ‘7’ refers to the FALL term.
  • "1197" denotes the FALL 2019 Academic Term. 


Practice Questions:
1) Which one is a Term Code - 1811, 1419, or 1187?
2) What will be the Term Number for Fall 2019?  1917, 1971, or 1197? 

(Answers at the bottom of this page.)








ANSWERS to SFU Term Number Practice Questions:

1) 1187 is a SFU Term Code.

2) 1197 is a Term Code for Fall 2019.  The Term Code for Summer 2019 is 1194.