Academic Outreach - FNEP

Inspired by the award winning SFU Kamloops Program, the key focus of the First Nations Education Program (NEP/FNEP) is to fulfill the vision of collective and individual empowerment of Aboriginal people through education.

Accredited high quality education with courses and programs serving the needs of Aboriginal learners and their communities in collaboration with the First Nations communities and taking into account First Nations perspectives, cultures, language and history.

Partnerships with Aboriginal communities and SFU academic programs (such as Archaeology, First Nations Studies, and Linguistics) have enabled over 400 students to graduate through off-campus community offerings (since 1989) many of whom would otherwise not have had access to a university education.

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  • First Nations Community Academic Outreach and Coordination
  • First Nations Languages: Certificate in FN Language Proficiency and First Nations Language Courses
  • First Nations Studies Academic Programs