To mark Canada's 150th Anniversary FASS offers courses with specialized topics in Canadian culture, politics, and history

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2017 - FNST looks at Canada 150

The Department of First Nations Studies and the Department of English will jointly offer a special temporary topics course looking at Indigenous writing over the past 150 years.

Summer 2017:

FNST 226-3 Indigenous Writing: Neglected Now Celebrated.

Instructors:  Dr. Deanna Reder and Dr. Sophie McCall

This special topics Breadth-Humanite (B-HUM) course will examine Indigenous Writing Since 1867. 

The course will be held at Vancouver Campus during Summer 2017 INTERSESSION (May to mid-June).

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FNST 383-4 Indigenous Technology: Art and Sustainability.

Instructor:  Dr. annie ross

The course will be held during Summer 2017 INTERSESSION (May to mid-June) on Burnaby Campus.

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FASS Canada 150 in 2017

The FASS Canada 150 Project. [...] FASS Canada 150 will include six Spring 2017 courses in History, English, First Nations, World Literature, Hellenic Studies, and Political Science.

These upper and lower division courses will cover a broad range of topics including:

  • the history and politics of Canadian peacekeeping;
  • the history of urban design in Canadian cities; the transformation of indigenous literature in the context of the Canadian literary canon since 1867;
  • Canada and the British Romantic Imagination (as part of a U.K. Field School in London and the Lake District in Summer 2017);
  • the history and impact of multilingualism in Canada and how its helped shape the country’s cultural imagination and reality; and
  • Canadian linguistic diversity and the language politics involved in indigenous languages, official bilingualism, and the wide array of “immigrant languages” which have helped shaped the country.

FASS Canada 150 - OTHER Courses:

Summer 2017:

FASS 150-3 FASS CANADA 150: The FASS CANADA 150 EXPERIENCE.  A three-credit elective, with nine hours studio time and interactive online tutorials. In this first FASS FLEX course, students will hear diverse speakers explore unique perspectives in a mixed, flexible course environment! 

"What's your Story? Where do you fit in?"
Develop your first-person voice as a student and citizen subject in FASS 150-3.


Canada 150 Events at SFU

Lecture Series:

November 16, 2016; February 23 and April 27, 2017

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