Fall 2017


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FNST Courses

Fall 2017 (Term 1177)* 

  • FNST 101-3 D100, Introduction to First Nations Studies
  • FNST 101-3 C100, Introduction to First Nations Studies (CODE-Online and Distance Education Section)
  • FNST 201W-3 D100, Canadian Aboriginal Peoples' Perspectives on History
  • FNST 286-3 D100, Indigenous Peoples of BC
  • FNST 301-3 D100, Issues in Applied First Nations Studies Research
  • FNST 329-3 E100, Sexuality and Gender (Harbour Centre, Vancouver Campus)
  • FNST 401-3 C100, Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy
  • FNST 419-3 D100, Aboriginal/Indigenous Justice
  • FNST 433-3 D100 Indigenous Environmental Justice/Activism
  • FNST 442-3  Directed Readings in First Nations Studies 
  • FNST 447-3  Directed Studies in First Nations Studies


Course outlines:

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For Fall 101 & FNST 101 online & distance course outline, click C100.

For Fall 401 online & distance course outline, click C100.

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Bill Reid and the Skidegate Pole.

Photo: George F. MacDonald, 1978

Used with permission of the Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art Studies.

Online and Distance Education Courses

  • FNST 101-3* Introduction to First Nations Studies - Fall 2017.
  • FNST 401-3 Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy - Fall 2017.

Special Addition (an elective course)

FNST 286-3 D100  

Other courses of interest this term:

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FNST 401 C100


  FNST 442 or  FNST 447 Enrolment: Students must have a supervisor in place before enrolling in these Directed courses.  For the FNST 442 & FNST 447 project proposal application, click here .

*FNST 101 (or FNST 201)'s section is listed as a C100 section when offered as an online and distance education courses
  Students must complete these pre-requisites before enrollment permission is granted.

 * This print: June 21, 2017. Course offerings are subject to changes
   Please refer to the Student Information System (SIS) at sis.sfu.ca for latest details.

**FNST 222-3, when offered, may have non-regular FNST prerequisite requirements. Please contact Department Advisor for details or enrollment permission.
+ FNST 462-4 Indigenous Oral Testimony: This course may be taken to meet the requirement for the 'Indigenous/First Nations Perspectives (choose one of) upper division requirements for the Environmental Resource Management (ERM)Major.

##  Priority enrollment:  
      FNST Academic Programs (FNST)'s Plan-declared students have first priority enrollment into FNST courses.