Spring 2018

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FNST Courses - Academic Calendar Descriptions

FNST CORE Prerequisite courses include:
FNST 101 and FNST 201W.

Spring 2018 (Term 1181)* 

  • FNST 101-3 Introduction to First Nations Studies (D100 & C100)
  • FNST 201W-3 Canadian Aboriginal Peoples' Perspectives
                               on History
  • FNST 222-3 ST-Indigenous Film and Resurgence - NEW!
  • FNST 322-3 ST-Ethnoecology of BC First Nations ## - NEW!
  • FNST 326-4 History of Aboriginal Peoples Since 1850 ##
  • FNST 327-4 Aboriginal Women in Canada ##
  • FNST 332-3 Ethnobotany of BC First Nations ##
  • FNST 402W The Discourse of Aboriginal Peoples ## (VANCR)
  • FNST 403-3 Indigenous Knowledge in the Modern World ## (VANCR)
  • FNST 429-3 Indigenous Peoples and International Law ##
  • FNST 442-3  Directed Readings in First Nations Studies 
  • FNST 447-3  Directed Studies in First Nations Studies
  • FNST 141, 241, 341, 441-3 - Co-op in First Nations Studies

## - See enrollment priority note below.

Course outlines:

For Spring 2018 Course Outlines, visit the SFU Course Outlines Search  website beginning November 2017.

FNST Course Outlines : https://www.sfu.ca/outlines.

Bill Reid and the Skidegate Pole.
Photo: George F. MacDonald, 1978
Used with permission of the Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art Studies.


IAUPP - Spring 2018 Launch

The Interim Aboriginal Univeristy Preparation Program

inaugural course for January 2018  launch is

FNST 101
Introductions to First Nations  Studies

FNST 101 (3 units) may be applied to the IAUPP requirements.

Course outline: TBA.


Special Addition (an elective course)

FNST 222-3 ST-Indigenous Film and Resurgence**  

FNST 326-4 Seats reserved for FNST program declared students) (Combined section course with HIST 326-4 in Spring 2018.)
FNST 327-4 Combined section course with GSWS 327-4 in Spring 2018.

In addition, we have just added an online and distance section of FNST 101 into Spring 2018:  FNST 101 C100.

Other courses of interest this term:

1) FNST 403-3 Indigenous Knowledge in the Modern World - VANCR

2) Courses Meeting W-Writing Requirements

FNST 201W-3 Canadian Aboriginal Peoples' Perspectives on History

FNST 402W-3 Discourse of Aboriginal Peoples - VANCR

Online and Distance Education Courses

  • FNST 101-3 Introduction to First Nations Studies - Spring 2018: C100 now open.
  • FNST 201W-3   Canadian Aboriginal Peoples' Perspectives on History - Summer 2018.
  • FNST 401-3 Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy - Fall 2018.


1) FNST 442 or  FNST 447 Directed courses
Enrolment into FNST 442 or FNST 447: Students must have a supervisor (faculty member) in place before enrolling in these Directed courses.  For the FNST 442 & FNST 447 project proposal application, click here. Contact FNS Advisor on proposal and/or application processes.   Remember to apply/submit course proposal BEFORE enrollment period begins.

2) CODE Courses (online and distance): FNST 101, 201W and 401 CODE sections are listed as a C100 sections when offered.

3) Upper division FNST course enrollment:
Students must complete these pre-requisites before enrollment permission is granted.


 **FNST 222-3, when offered, may have non-regular FNST prerequisite requirements. Please contact Department Advisor for details or enrollment permission.

##  Priority enrollment:  
      FNST Academic Programs (FNST)'s Plan-declared students have first priority enrollment into FNST courses.


* This print: November 16, 2017. Course offerings are subject to changes
   Please refer to the Student Information System (SIS) at sis.sfu.ca for latest details.