Summer 2018

Summer 2018 (Term 1184)

  •  FNST 101-3 Introduction to First Nations  Studies / Instructor: J. Schneider
  • FNST 201W-3 Canadian Aboriginal People's Perspectives on History / Course Supervisor: D.Reder
                          An online and distance education CODE section (C100) .   /  Tutor/Marker: TBA
  • FNST 222-3 Selected Topics in First Nations Studies:  ST-Coast Salish Histories / Instructor: M. Knickerbocker
  • FNST 332-2 Ethnobotany of BC First Nations (Two sections: D100 & D200) / Instructor: R. Bandringa
  • FNST 141, 241, 341, 441 Co-op Practicum in  FNST - Upon demand. (See notes below.)
  • FNST 442     Directed Readings in First Nations Studies (upon request) / Faculty (upon availability)
  • FNST 447      Directed Studies in First Nations Studies (upon request) / Faculty (upon availability)
  • Other FNST courses: Subject to availability.

 FNS program plan-declared students requiring course to graduate in Summer 2018, contact FNS advisor for enrollment assistance before early March 2018.



Other topic or subject-related courses offered in Summer 2018:




* Course offerings or schedules are subject to changes. Please refer to the Student Information System (SIS) at for latest details.

## Enrollment Priority: Some courses have reserved spaces for FNST program-declared students

      and FNST program-declared students in their final graduating term.

When FNST 101 or FNST 201W is listed as a C100 section, it is offered as an online and distance education course.

FNST 222-3 or 322-3, when offered, may have non-regular FNST Program prerequisite requirements: please contact Department Advisor for details or enrollment permission.

FNST 442 and FNST 447 : Students must have a supervisor in place before permission to enroll is granted. 
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