Summer 2017

Summer 2017 (Term 1174)

  •  FNST 101-3 J100 Introduction to First Nations  Studies / Instructor: TBA
                           A Vancouver Campus SFUNOW Intersession (May to June) course.
                           FNS program plan-declared students requiring course to graduate in 2017, contact FNS advisor for enrollment assistance.
  • FNST/ENGL 226-3 NEW; a FASS 150 course: STT-Indigenous Writing: Neglected Now Celebrated / Instructors: D. Reder/S. McCall
                                                       INTERSESSION, Vancouver Campus
  • FNST 201W-3 Canadian Aboriginal People's Perspectives on History / Course Supervisor: D.Reder
                          An online and distance education CODE section (C100) .    / Tutor/Marker: TBA
  • FNST 332-3 Ethnobotany in BC First Nations / INTERSESSION  / M. Igance / ## / 
                            Schedule:  Wednesdays, 13:30 - 19:50 Hrs., May 10 - June 14, 2017. Burnaby Campus.
  • FNST 383-4:  Special focus; a FASS 150 course / INTERSESSION / a. ross /
    Topic:    Weave it Back Together (Canada 150) Resource Exploitations and Species Extinction              Indigenous craft, technologies, bioregionalisms (being in HomeLand Place), have been and remain viable avenues for intellectual discourse, eco-logical practice, involvement in a calendar round, among others, in order to create and maintain viable and sustainable community practices and securities.  In this lecture/studio interactive course, we will examine, observe, and create items demonstrating understanding of technologies that are sustainable in the Indigenous world, review the arts' ancestral line, protocols, reasons for existing, purpose, and contemporary forms. 

  • FNST 442     Directed Readings in First Nations Studies (upon request) / Faculty (upon availability)
  • FNST 447      Directed Studies in First Nations Studies (upon request) / Faculty (upon availability)
  • Other FNST courses: Subject to availability.



Other topic or subject-related courses offered in Summer 2017:




* Course offerings or schedules are subject to changes. Please refer to the Student Information System (SIS) at for latest details.

## Enrollment Priority: Some courses have reserved spaces for FNST program-declared students

      and FNST program-declared students in their final graduating term.

When FNST 101 or FNST 201W is listed as a C100 section, it is offered as an online and distance education course.

FNST 222-3 or 322-3, when offered, may have non-regular FNST Program prerequisite requirements: please contact Department Advisor for details or enrollment permission.

FNST 442 and FNST 447 : Students must have a supervisor in place before permission to enroll is granted. 
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