The Department of First Nations Studies team consists of Aboriginal faculty, affiliated  faculty members from various disciplines, and departmental staff.


Deanna Reder
Associate Professor, Chair

Eldon Yellowhorn
Associate Professor

annie ross
Associate Professor
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Marianne Ignace

June Scudeler

Assistant Professor, Limited Term

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Rudy Reimer/Yumks
Assistant Professor

Affiliated: First Nations Community Academic Outreach Programming (FNEP)

Marianne Ignace 
Professor & FNEP Community Academic Coordinator

Lorraine Yam
Manager and Academic Advisor, FNEP

Brett Romans
Assistant, FNEP

FNEP Office:
SFU Burnaby Campus: Saywell Hall 9091

Associate and Adjunct Faculty

Ted Palys
BA, MA (Manitoba), PhD (Car)

Professor, School of Criminology
Associate Member, First Nations Studies
   (2013-2016, 2016-2019)

Research methods and methodology, sociology of science; aboriginal/indigenous justice and self-determination; sociology of international law; research ethics; research confidentiality and privilege.

Past Associate or Adjunct:

Biruté M. F. Galdikas
Department of Archaeology
Associate Member, FNS (2013 Sept. -2016 Aug.).

Sarah Henzi
Adjunct Member, FNS
(2015-16, 2016-17)

Université de Montréal


Maui Solomon
Adjunct Member (Spring 2008-Spring 2015), FNS & iPinCH


Dara Culhane

Mary Ellen Kelm

Dean Mellow

Bryan Myles
Manager & Acting Director
The Bill Reid Centre

Bob Russell
Emeritus Professor, Mathematics 

John Welch
Resource & Environmental Management

Affiliated Departments or Programs


June Lau
Manager, First Nations Studies
Academic Advisor, First Nations Studies Programs (FNSTMAJ, FNSTJMA, FNSTMIN, CFNSR, FNSTPBD)
(October 10, 2017 to January 5, 2018)

Lorraine Yam
Manager, Academic and Administrative Services
and FNS Curriculum Services
Academic Advisor, FNST,  FNEP & FNLG programs.

Brett Romans
Budget Assistant

Emily Tepper
Chair/Department Secretary.
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