FNST in the Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar Descriptions: Programs and
Catalogue of Courses for First Nations Studies


Summer 2014 Summer 2014 First Nations Studies in the Academic Calendar

Spring 2014 Spring 2014 First Nations Studies in the Academic Calendar



Summer 2014 http://www.sfu.ca/students/calendar/2014/summer/courses/fnst.html

Spring 2014  http://www.sfu.ca/students/calendar/2014/spring/courses/fnst.html




The academic calendar that is in used at the time when a student applies or declares and is
approved into a FNST academic program, will generally be the academic calendar referenced
for a FNST program's curriculum and completion. Please visit Academic Calendar Archive site (below)
for declared term calendar program requirements.

Academic Calendar (ARCHIVE) https://www.sfu.ca/students/academic-calendar-archive.html,