Certificate & Diploma

The Department of First Nations Studies offers :

Certificate in First Nations Studies Reserach

Post-baccalaureate Diploma in First Nations Studies

I. First Nations Studies Certificate Program

Certificate in First Nations Studies Research (CFNSR)

For Program Requirements: Visit the current (click): SFU Academic Calendar

  • Units applied to one certificate may be applied also to major or minor programs of a bachelor’s degree under the normal regulations governing those programs but may not be applied to another Simon Fraser University certificate or diploma.

Certificate in First Nations Studies Research

This program explores the history, prehistory, culture, language and contemporary situation of Canadian Aboriginal peoples, and teaches basic research skills about First Nations/Aboriginal issues with emphasis on BC Aboriginal people. Normal completion requires five full time terms. The certificate, which can be completed as a full-time or part time program or as part of a bachelor degree, is especially suited to students who wish to gain proficiency in First Nations/Aboriginal issues, social research skills, and basic cultural resource management skills. Students should plan their admission and program in consultation with the First Nations Studies advisor.

Requirements: Completin of a minimum of 30 units of courses (including one Practicum course) in FNST and other subject disciplines. A minimum of 2.00 GPA calculated on all courses applied to this Certificate. See Academic Calendar for program requirement details.

II. First Nations Studies Post-baccalaureate Diploma Program

In addition, for those who have completed a Bachelor degree already and who wish to learn about First Nations Studies, there is thePost-baccalaureate Diploma in First Nations Studies.

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Affiliated is the

Certificate in Cultural Resource Management

Other departments offering programmes with FNST courses include:

Certificate in Literacy Instruction (Faculty of Education)
Ethics Certificate (Department of Philosophy)
Legal Studies Certificate Program (School of Criminology)
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