Dr. Réjean Canac-Marquis

  • Graduate Program Chair
  • Associate Professor
  • Department of French

Tel: 778-782-3546
Office: WMC 1636

Office Hours:

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Réjean Canac-Marquis is Associate Professor in the Department of French at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (Canada), since 1998. He obtained a Ph.D. in formal linguistics at University of Massachusetts (Amherst) in 1994. He has been co-researcher on two SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiative Grants (1998-2003; 2004-2009) and is currently collaborator on the MCRI Le français à la mesure d'un continent (F. Martineau U.of Ottawa). He has presented in over 50 conference/colloquia/guest speaker venues and published over 20 papers and edited 2 books.  He has been a co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Linguistics for 5 years (2004-2009) and is currently Squib Editor (2012-2014). He was Chair of the Department of French in 2008-2011.

Research areas:

·Generative  Syntax (Comparative Studies, Phrase Structure and Binding Theory); Semantics (Anaphora); Morphology (Head movement).

·Acquisition of French as a second language (French Immersion)

·Western Canadian French varieties, in particular Maillardville French in BC and  Alberta French in La Rivière Rouge.  

In the Department of French, Dr. Canac-Marquis currently teaches courses on French Language structure (FREN 417, 804) North American Varieties (FREN 425, FREN 811),  French Language Acquisition (FREN 416, FREN 806) Advanced French Grammar (FREN 304) French Lexicology and Morphology (FREN 333) and French Linguistics (FREN 275).


  • B.A. UQAM
  • M.A. UQAM
  • Ph.D. Linguistics, Amherst

Selected Readings

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