French & Education


This program prepares students, who possess diverse qualifications and background, before they enter the French professional development program, or during their career as French teachers. The program helps students to reach a higher standard of French language proficiency and provides them with a focused and cohesive understanding of foundational perspectives and expertise in theoretical and methodological aspects of second language teaching, and principles of language learning, contextualized in the minority context of French training in British Columbia.

This certificate program is available to those without a bachelor's degree. Units earned may be applied to a major or a minor program, should the student wish to pursue those later. However, units that are used for credit toward a certificate may not be applied to another Simon Fraser University certificate or diploma program. Students may apply for relevant transfer credit to a maximum of nine units in French, and six units in education for this certificate.


Admission Requirements


Applicants must meet the normal Simon Fraser University admission requirements. Admission approval must also be obtained from the Department of French.


Program Requirements

Students will successfully complete a minimum total of 32 units, as listed below.

Core Courses

Students complete 23 units, including all of

FREN 245 - Introduction to Literary Studies (3) *

FREN 300 - Advanced French: Oral Practice (3)

FREN 301W - Advanced French Composition (3)

FREN 304 - Advanced French Grammar (3)

FREN 416 - Acquisition of French as a Second Language (3)

EDUC 382 - Diversity in Education: Theories, Policies, Practices (4)

EDUC 380 - Introduction to Teaching French in Canadian Contexts (4)

* students who have credit for either FREN 230 or 240 are not required to complete FREN 245

Elective Courses

Students complete a minimum of nine units, including two courses chosen from

FREN 307 - The Right Word: Advanced Vocabulary and Translation (3)

FREN 330 - Francophone World (3)

FREN 331 - Accents of French (3)

FREN 333 - The Magic of French Words (3)

FREN 352 - French and Francophone Cultures through Films and/or Media Texts (3)

FREN 407W - Language in Translation: A Contextual Approach to French (3)

FREN 423 - Topics in the History of French (3)

FREN 425 - Topics in the Varieties of French (3)

FREN 452 - Topics in French and Francophone Cultures or Cinemas (3)

and one course chosen from

EDUC 326 - Creating Positive Learning Communities (3)

EDUC 341 - Literacy, Education and Culture (3)

Course Challenge

Students are responsible for completing prerequisites for the above required and elective courses, and it is possible to challenge for credit these prerequisite courses, in accordance with the Department of French's policies. However, none of the actual required and elective courses shown above may be challenged for credit.