French Language Proficiency


This program is for students who may or may not be enrolled in a degree program and who wish to improve oral and written French proficiency. It is also for those who wish to enhance their knowledge of the language for cultural or professional needs. The program is not intended for native French speakers.

Recommendations for the award of the certificate will be made by the Department of French and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Admission Requirements

For information about course challenge, initial FREN course selection, and the French language placement test , visit

Program Requirements

Program completion normally takes five to six terms

A minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) is calculated on all Simon Fraser University courses that are applied to the certificate. Duplicate courses are counted only once.

Students complete a total of 30 units, including all of

FREN 210 - Intermediate French I (3)

FREN 221 - French Writing I (3)

FREN 222 - French Writing II (3)

FREN 301W - Advanced French Composition (3)

and one of

FREN 211 - Intermediate French II (3)

FREN 212 - French for Immersion Program Students (3)

and one of

FREN 215 - Intermediate French: Oral Practice (3)

FREN 217 - Intermediate French: Oral Practice Through Drama (3)

and one of

FREN 245 - Introduction to Literary Studies (3)

FREN 275 - French Linguistics Today (3)

and nine units from any other upper division FREN courses (excluding FREN 120, 121, 122, 198, and 342).

The following courses are recommended.

FREN 300 - Advanced French: Oral Practice (3)

FREN 304 - Advanced French Grammar (3)

FREN 330 - Francophone World (3)

Course Exemptions

It is possible to obtain exemption, up to a maximum of 12 units, from required lower division French language courses by being placed in a more advanced French language course. Exempted courses must be replaced with credit obtained by

-approved transfer credit for French courses completed at another post-secondary institution (subject to University transfer credit regulations), up to a maximum of six units

-challenge credit for exempted courses (subject to University regulations governing approval of challenge credit), up to a maximum of six units

-successful completion of other French courses at the University, excluding FREN 120, 121, 122, 198, and 342.

Students who gain, or hope to gain, exemption should consult the advisor early. In accordance with the university's certificate regulations, units for the certificate may be applied also to majors or extended minors or to a bachelor’s degree.