Italian Studies


A minimum of 30 units comprising both lower and upper division courses is required. A maximum of six transfer units may be counted (up to six units of 100 division Italian language courses, or up to six assigned transfer units in humanities, history or FPA courses, or a combination thereof).

The program serves full and part-time students seeking educational enrichment in Italian Humanism from the early Renaissance to modern times. It may be completed concurrently with, and complements major/minor programs in French, humanities, history and contemporary arts. It requires basic Italian language proficiency (writing, reading and oral skills), is intended for further literature, history and arts study, and may be completed with a degree program.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences BA students may complete the certificate so that some of the FASS breadth requirements are fulfilled by the same courses.

Certificate courses may also be used toward major or minor programs.

Program Requirements

Students complete 15 units in Italian language instruction including

ITAL 100 - Introductory Italian I (3)

ITAL 101 - Introductory Italian II (3)

ITAL 200 - Intermediate Italian I (3)

ITAL 201 - Intermediate Italian II (3)

ITAL 300 - Advanced Italian: Language and Culture (3)

and a minimum of 15 more units to be selected from

ENGL 377 - Field School I (4)

ENGL 378 - Field School II (4)

CA 337 - Intermediate Selected Topics in Film and Video Studies (4) *

CA 436 - Advanced Seminar in Film and Video Studies (4) *

HIST 402 - Renaissance Italy (4)

HUM 303 - The Latin Humanist Tradition (4)

HUM 305 - Medieval Studies (4)

HUM 311 - Italian Renaissance Humanism (4)

HUM 312W - Renaissance Studies (4)

HUM 320 - The Humanities and Philosophy (4)

Some of the above courses have specific prerequisites and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all prerequisites are met for upper division courses listed in this program.


* providing that content of the course covers primarily Italian film and/or video