French & Education


The Department of French and the Faculty of Education jointly offer this program comprising a set of courses for practising or future French teachers. This program includes courses directly related to the pedagogy of French as a second language as well as courses enhancing previous language competence, or knowledge of French literature or linguistics.

Admission Requirements

Students must seek University admission or readmission and, once admitted, must separately apply to the Department of French advisor for diploma program admission.

Qualifications for application to the program include the following.

  • The completion of a recognized bachelor’s degree with a minimum graduation 2.0 GPA from British Columbia institutions and 2.4 from institutions outside the province. University course work undertaken subsequent to the bachelor’s degree will also be considered for admissibility to this program.
  • A demonstrated knowledge of spoken and written French e.g. competence equivalent to successful completion of FREN 222.

Application packages are available from the Department of French and the Faculty of Education. Before applying, consult with the French department advisor, Hélène Pouliot, 778.782.8744.

For information about initial FREN course selection, the French language placement test, and FREN course disciplines, visit

Program Requirements

Students will successfully complete an approved program comprised of at least 30 upper division units. Graduate courses may be completed with prior approval.

Normally 15 units are completed from each of the French and education course lists below. A minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is necessary.

The diploma must be completed within five years of program admission.

Teachers seeking a reclassification should note that, since integrated programs are looked upon as upgrading work, all courses must be completed no more than 10 years before the date of reclassification through the Teachers’ Qualification Service.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit for course work in education and/or in French may be considered to fulfil requirements for this program. A maximum of six transfer units in each of French and education may be awarded.

French Requirements

Students normally choose a total of 15 units, including a minimum of two of

FREN 304 - Advanced French Grammar (3)

FREN 307 - The Right Word: Advanced Vocabulary and Translation (3)

FREN 416 - Acquisition of French as a Second Language (3)

The remaining nine units may be selected from 300 and 400 division French courses, except FREN 342.

All course selections must be approved by the advisor in the Department of French.

Students with credit for the above courses or equivalents must select approved substitutes from upper division FREN courses. Students with no previous credit in undergraduate courses in French linguistics or French literature must complete the following lower division prerequisites FREN 275 and/or FREN 245 (or FREN 240).

Education Requirements

Students normally choose a total of 15 units, including both of

EDUC 441 - Multicultural and Anti-racist Education (4)

EDUC 450 - Classroom French Curriculum Studies (4)

The remaining seven units may be chosen from

EDUC 325 - Assessment for Classroom Teaching (3)

EDUC 326 - Creating Positive Learning Communities (3)

EDUC 384 - Special Topics (0) *

EDUC 385 - Special Topics (0) *

EDUC 472 - Designs for Learning: Elementary Language Arts (4)

EDUC 473W - Designs for Learning: Reading (4) **

EDUC 474 - Designs for Learning: Elementary Social Studies (4)

EDUC 475 - Designs for Learning: Elementary Mathematics (4)

EDUC 476 - Designs for Learning: Elementary Science (4)

EDUC 480 - Designs for Learning: French as a Second Language (4)

EDUC 481 - Designs for Learning: French Immersion Programs and Francophone Schools (4)***

* courses offered in French during summer institutes

** this course may be substituted with EDUC 826 if EDUC 473 has already been completed (special permission required).

*** this course may be substituted with EDUC 858 if EDUC 481 has already been completed (special permission required).