SFU Facilities Services


Construction Projects


Construction Projects

All major capital construction such as new buildings and major building renewal projects are typically Ministry funded, with functional space programs that are developed in consultation with internal stakeholder groups to meet both program needs and budget constraints. These large projects are managed from planning through completion by the Major Projects Development group.
The Project Services Development team provide design and construction management services for all internal departmental renovations, space improvements and other renewal projects on Burnaby campus. Renovations at Surrey and Vancouver campuses go through their respective Facilities project teams. All projects are requested online through the Project Initiation Form. These project requests are reviewed by Directors prior to proceeding.

Major Capital Projects

  • Astronomy Observatory and Science Court 2014
  • Biomass Plant (In design stage)
  • Student Union Building (In construction)
  • Surrey Sustainable Energy and Engineering Building (SE3P) (In construction)
  • Vancouver Innovation Centre and Residences 2016

Public Realm Projects

  • AQ Pyramid Bench Installation 2015
  • Fountain Square Renewal 2015

Renewal Projects

  • Burnaby Campus Plaza Renewal
  • AQ Seven Sisters Theatre Renewal
  • Archeology Storage Renovation
  • Campus Exterior Signage
  • ASB and MBC Exterior Envelope Renewal
  • Education Building Envelope
  • Louiel Riel Residence Renewal
  • McTaggart Cowan Residence Renewal
  • RCB Skylight Replacement 2016
  • RCB Corridor and flooring Renewal
  • SFU Surrey Mechatronics 2016
  • Student Study Space/Lounge Updates
  • Washroom Renewal in SCP,SSB,SCK, WMC, LDC, RCB and MBC 
  • Water Tower Building Data Centre Upgrade

Renovations and Improvements

  • Archeology Labs
  • Blusson Hall Classrooms
  • Big Data Centre Renovation in ASB 10921
  • Computing Science Teaching Labs in ASB
  • Information Technology Hub
  • Library Maker space (LIB-3015) 
  • Math Central in WMC 2000 level
  • MBC 2000 Renovation
  • Shrum Biology Labs
  • Shrum Kinesiology Labs
  • Shrum Physics Labs