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UniverCity Lots Resale

All lawyers and notary publics acting for purchasers of Strata Lots in UniverCity from individual vendors (i.e. resales of UniverCity lots) must follow the 'Closing Instructions for Resale' found below. All closing documents submitted for execution by Simon Fraser University must include the 'Schedule A - Letter from Purchaser's Solicitors', 'Assignment of Lease', and if applicable, a 'Tripartite Agreement' downloaded directly from this webpage.

Please ensure that you send a copy of the Tripartite Agreement to SFU using the editable PDF files once all of the relevant fields have been filled out.

Please do not make changes to the standard templates downloaded from this page. SFU will not execute a document if changes are made, and unauthorized changes will lead to an increase in processing time of your document.

Cheques, made payable to Simon Fraser University, must accompany the 'Schedule A - Letter from Purchaser's Solicitors'. Administration fees for processing documents are as follows:

Please note that SFU will not process documentation until the appropriate fees have been received.

For purchasers buying new strata lots from the developer, please contact the applicable developer directly regarding the closing procedure.

For information and queries, please contact Simon Fraser University as follows:

Phone: 778-782-3253
Fax: 778-782-4521
Email: condo_resales@sfu.ca