Due to COVID-19, we will not be accepting filming requests at this time. Currently only essential in-person meetings for internal SFU groups (staff and faculty only) are permitted on campus, as per the current standing on the SFU COVID Impact Scale (H2)
We are hoping to be able to accept limited campus bookings when we move up to a moderate (M1, M2) on the impact scale, but we do not expect that to happen until the new year.


If you have any questions please contact the Client Services Supervisor at fs-client-services@sfu.ca or 778-782-3809.


Filming on Campus

Simon Fraser University, in support of British Columbia's film industry, permits film companies the use of its facilities for productions which will not detract from the University's image. The Facilities Services department is responsible for protecting the University's interests, managing film agreements, and arranging filming through the Supervisor of Client Services (778-782-3809 or fs-client-services@sfu.ca).

Please review Simon Fraser University's Filming Policy for Visiting Filming Companies.


Application & Process

To apply to film on Simon Fraser University's Burnaby campus, film companies will:

  • Direct all enquiries regarding the use of University facilities for filming to the Supervisor of Client Services (778-782-3809 or fs-client-services@sfu.ca).
  • Preliminary scouting assistance with SFU Film Liaison is available for approximately 1 hour without charge.
  • To proceed with film work submit a 'Film Location License Agreement (Deposit)' with a certified cheque for initial deposit in the amount of $5,000 for SFU to begin drawing expenses from.
  • Submit a completed 'Film Location License Agreement' a minimum of 7 days before filming begins for review and approval by SFU. Include a certified cheque as a security deposit in an amount based on the estimated cost of filming at SFU determined by SFU Film Liaison.

Following your inquiry the Supervisor of Client Services will:

  • Determine the feasibility of the film request with regard to dates, location and the availability of the campus film liaison.
  • Determine the acceptability of the University’s representation in the film based on a written synopsis provided by the film company in the 'Film Location License Agreement'.
  • Assign the Film Liaison to assist with location scouting for one hour at no charge and to proceed with coordinating filming work for SFU if filming proceeds.
  • Determine the impact that filming may have on the Burnaby campus community.
  • Oversee the preparation of agreements by the Film Liaison (i.e. the License Deposit and License Location Agreements.
  • Accept certified cheque for initial deposit in the amount of $5,000 at the time of signature of the 'Film Location License Agreement (Deposit)'.
  • Manage preparation of the 'Film Location License Agreement' with the visiting film company (including provision by the company of a certified cheque in the amount specified by the SFU Film Liaison) for signature by Simon Fraser University
  • Ensure that the signed agreements are in place at least 48 hours prior to the start of filming.

The Film Liaison will:

  • Accompany the film company on campus during their location scouting.
  • Prepare agreements (i.e. License Deposit and License Location Agreements).
  • Make arrangements for use of Burnaby campus facilities and space with appropriate Simon Fraser University departments, including inclusion of charges they wish to incorporate into the agreements.
  • Make arrangements for parking and security assistance with Campus Security.
  • Liaise with the film company during filming as required.
  • Coordinate invoices for processing.


Film customers requesting use of University property for filming purposes are responsible for all costs incurred during the filming process including but not limited to the following base costs. Film customers will be invoiced by Simon Fraser University for the following, less the initial and security deposits at the end of filming:

  • Base Costs

    • $5,000 initial deposit (After initial 1 hour scouting tour if film company wishes to proceed with filming at SFU)
    • A security deposit that is based on an estimate by the SFU Film Liaison (Upon signing Film Location License Agreement)
    • $2,500 per day location fee (Detailed at section 4.1 of the Film Location License Agreement)
    • $500 per day for parking services
    • Any incremental costs incurred by the university in support of the film company, together with a 30% overhead charge ($2,500 per day location fee is not included).
    • Any charges negotiated on behalf of individual academic or administrative departments where access to, or use of, a particular department's facilities are involved. Overhead charges will not apply to these charges.
  • Film Liaison (CUPE)

    Position Average Hourly Rate
      Standard Overtime
    Building Technologist $104.50 $168.50

  • Film Liaison (APSA)

    Position Average Hourly Rate
      Standard Overtime
    Supervisor, Client Services $117.00 $188.00

  • SFU Trades

    Position Hourly Rate
      Standard Overtime
    Carpenter $81.00 $130.50
    Electrician $84.50 $135.50
    Plumber $83.00 $133.50
    Air Condition Mechanic $84.50 $135.50
    Labour $65.00 $105.00
    Driver $68.50 $110.50
    • Hourly rate for standard time is based on a 7.83 hour work day.


The Simon Fraser University Film Liaison will coordinate parking arrangements for film companies with Simon Fraser University's Campus Security office. Campus Security is responsible for determining allowable areas for parking film companies' vehicles and equipment during film work.


Film companies are responsible for arranging and providing security of film sets.