Panel: For a Long, Long, Long Time: The Music Appreciation Society Presents Drones

Wednesday, November 19 2014, 7pm
Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre
149 West Hastings St.

Please join us for an evening of listening and discussion about drones in music, featuring Eli BornowskyMark Halpern (UBC Physics & Astronomy), Andrea Lukic (NĂ¼ Sensae), Giorgio Magnanensi (Vancouver New Music), Harkeerat Mangat, and Jeremy Schmidt (Sinoia Caves), live drone performance by Joshua Stevenson (Magneticring, Otic Sound, Cast Exotic Archives), introductory remarks by Sarah Davachi, and hosted by The Music Appreciation Society.

Produced by the voice, sitars, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies, zithers, or all manner of modern acoustic, electronic and computer-based instruments, drones have long been a component of human musical practices, and are often imbued with a sense of spiritual or cosmological value. A drone can provide a foundation, a horizon, or a dislocating and boundaryless fog; provoke feelings of expansive awareness, intense inwardness, or total self-disconnection; and arouse beatific reverie, focused alertness, or utter boredom and even anger. Beyond music, drones also offer a curious analogue to the vibrating materiality of the universe, the structure of which is defined by a complex interplay of forever-undulating patterns of energy.

For a Long, Long, Long Time: The Music Appreciation Society Presents Drones is in connection with the exhibition Antonia Hirsch: Negative Space at SFU Gallery from September 6 to December 13, 2014, which investigates the quantitative, spatial and syntactic systems that structure the understanding of our universe.

The Music Appreciation Society is an ongoing collaborative project of Vancouver-based artists Brady Cranfield and Kathy Slade dedicated to the exploration of music and art.

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