MFA Spring Show 2012

May 5 – May 19, 2012
Audain Gallery, Vancouver

Art's uncanny act, the making visible of ideation, phenomena, the intangible and the unseen is perhaps its most alluring capacity. Art acts as a haunting, whose apparition demands accountability, announces presence and revitalizes the senses. Contra to the substitutive act of most image making, Art may resist representing its subject and instead acts to bridge the worlds of the seen and the unseen.

Apparitions is an informal exhibition of works being developed by Simon Fraser University's School of Contemporary Arts MFA program and features the work of two dozen interdisciplinary artists working in a wide range of practices. It comprises an exhibition in the Audain Gallery and an evening program of time based performances and installations held at Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. In most respects these works directly or indirectly consider the relationship between the capacity of vision and the socio-political considerations of visibility. Different classes of Apparitions are suggested here: the more literal hauntings of mythical beings; the fantastic play of light upon the eye; a multitude of marginalized and deterritorialized persons; the varieties of violence committed here and elsewhere by our political, economic and even educational institutions. In every act that these works perform, they attempt not to speak for, or about their subjects, but remind us of our own sensorial capacity to be shown and to reveal.

Contributing artists: Alize Zorlutuna, Anna Marie Repstock, Calla Churchward, Casey Wei, Charlene Vickers, Chris Anderson , Daisy Thompson, Doug Blackley, Fay Nass, Gabriel Saloman, Hamidreza Jadid, Iris Lau, Juan-Manuel Sepulveda, Nancy Tam, Nikolai Gauer, Pegah Tabassinejad, Steve Hubert, Sydney Koke and Zack Wright.

Presented by the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU.


Opening Reception
May 4, 7pm

Time-based Performances
May 5, 6pm – 10pm