Norah Patrich and Juan M. Sanchez, Untitled, n.d., lithograph, ed. 1/2. SFU Art Collection. Gift of Steve Bugera and family, 1995.

Adriana Contreras Correal on Nora Patrich's & Juan Manuel Sanchez's murals in the SFU Art Collection 

Marketing and Communication Coordinator,
SFU Health & Counselling Services at SFU
Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 12:30pm

Unpacking Art: Lunchtime Talks on Works in the SFU Art Collection is a speaker series that invites members of the SFU community to “unpack” the context and the questions raised by works of art in the collection. 

Adriana Contreras Correal is a Colombian-Canadian visual artist and arts and culture advocate. She moved to Vancouver from Bogotá Colombia in 1998 and completed a BFA at the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts in 2006. Her inter-disciplinary practice and research interests focus on the Latin American diaspora in North America and the politics of identity and representation. She's held positions at SFU Gallery, New Performance Works Society and is now the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at SFU Health and Counseling Services.

This series encourages participation from audiences that are new to visual art and to the SFU Art Collection.

Unpacking Art is free and open to everyone. No advance preparation or registration is necessary. Bring your lunch.


Unpacking Art: Adriana Contreras Correal on murals by artists Nora Patrich and Juan M. Sanchez from the SFU Art Collection by Emma Kenny


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