Olympic Center Richmond Oval
  • Employment
  • Construction contracts
  • Increase of business
  • Increase of tourists (and their money)
  • Lasting transportation and communication network
  • World prominence and tourism campaign
Transit System

If the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are well managed, they can generate sustainable economic benefits for the host communities and regions. These include greater employment, business development opportunities and infrastructure improvements. Various types of organization can create economic benefits such as the Organizing Committee, government partners, corporate sponsors as well as the tourism sector and the businesses involved in the Games. The fact that the Olympics are in Vancouver will generate substantial investment in facilities and infrastructures as well as a dramatic increase in international visitors before, during and after the Games which will boost the tourism industry nationwide.

Average Household Income 2001

Based on a study made by the Government of British Columbia, Vancouver and its regions could generate $5.7 billions to $10 billions in direct economic activity. The Olympics in Vancouver area would also create an estimated 118,000 to 228,000 direct and indirect jobs while generating plus $1.3 billion to $2.5 billion in total tax revenue across the province of British Columbia.