• Costs
  • Security Risks
  • Benefits are short lived; infrastructure needs to be maintained
  • Homeless must leave the city
  • City beautification projects, which ordinarily would be too good for citizens

Map of Sea-to-sky highway and Whistler One of the most noticeable disadvantages for Vancouver and its regions to receive the 2010 Winter Olympics Games is the cost. In order to receive the Olympics, the original budget was estimated to be $470 million but already, the costs have increased by 23% to $580 million. The 2010 Olympics Games also bring a lot of controversy since so many new infrastructures are being build only for the Olympics. If Vancouver would have not been the 2010 Olympics host, these project would not have been created all at the same time. While the transit system is being enlarged to the airport, the sea-to-sky highway needs to be enlarged in order to satisfy the enormous amount of traffic the Olympics will bring between Vancouver and Whistler. The benefits of these new infrastructures will be short lived and will require the citizens to pay for its maintenance.

Average Rent 2001

Apart from infrastructure costs, the fact that the homeless will be taken out of the city for a period of two weeks will create additional costs.

Security will have to be increased to the maximum because of terrorism scares, making it hard for people living in the downtown area accessing their house at all time.