Historical Gastown

In 1867 Captain John Deighton (right) floated a barrel of whiskey ashore on the south side of Burrard Inlet. Persuading nearby mill workers to build him a saloon John Deighton was in business days later. This rowdy resort housed many off time loggers, miners and sailors that worked in the all the warehouses and mills that surrounded the area. Eventually this area was incorporated into the ‘city of Vancouver’. The village of Gastown got word that the Canadian Pacific Railway was going to extend it tracks to the townsite this forced land prices to rise. The boom didn’t last long as in the 1920’s Gastown became the back water of Vancouver struggling through economic hard times following the great depression of the 1930’s. However this area was still known for its drinking life, having over 300 licensed bars. In the 1960’s action was taken to start preserving the culture and history of Gastown.    

Present Day Gastown

Gastown today is defined by its Victorian style buildings and cobble stone roads.  Marked as a national historical site Gastown feeds Vancouver with rich history and culture. Mainly serving as tourist attraction Gastown is filled with boutique shops.  There are a number of bars and clubs that are found in the area as well still carrying its tradition of serving as a drinking centre for Vancouver.  


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Carnegie Community Centre

Chinese benevolent Association

Sun Tower


Holy Rosary