Hudsons Bay Company


The Hudson's Bay Company opened its first store in Vancouver on Cordova Street in Gastown in 1887. During this time HBC provided its customers with the 'necessities of life'. Anything from axes to provisions was sold. As time passed new store locations were built until in 1913 HBC began construction of the present store at Geogia and Seymour. The store was open for business in 1914. Additions were added to the building in 1925, 1926 and a final addition in 1949 to bring the store to its current form. In the mid 1980s the HBC building was consolidated with the opening of the Skytrain; the Granville station is still accessible from the lower two floors of the store.    

Photo by Alan Tabbernor.


The Hudson's Bay Company itslef as well as the building that houses it have become huge landmarks in Vancouver. They company still retains its orignial feel by providing not only clothing and fashion but items for the home as well. During the 2010 Olympics the walls of the building were decorated with huge posters of Canadian athletes creating a real buzz around the city. HBC's location, close to many other shopping options and proximity to Skytrain make it an extremely convenient place to shop in Vancouver. HBC will remain a Vancouver institution for many years to come.

Hudsons Bay Company newly completed and alight in 1915. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Public Library.


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