The Railway Club



In 1931 the city archives show that 579 Dunsmuir Street was known as the European Concert Cafe. It seems even then that this building had musical roots, something that would return much later on...

In 1934 the ownership changed and the building became known as the Railwaymen's Club. It was a members-only bar for workers from the Canadian Pacific station which was nearby.

Over the next many years this building remained a bar and changed ownership many times. In 1981the Forsyth family took over ownership of 579 Dunsmuir with ambitions to create a live music venue, returning to it to its musical roots.



Now known as the Railway Club, the Forsyth family has really turned this place around making it into one of the best live music venues in Vancouver. The history of the space definately adds to its appeal and it is known as a hotspot for seeing original and local bands play music. The Railway Club has live music every night of the week and is located in close proximity to Granville Street and other hotspots in Vancouver. The stage of the Railway Club is also credited with giving many now more successful bands their start in Vancouver, such as Radiohead, Blue Rodeo and the Slovos.

Corner of Dunsmuir and Seymour with the Railwaymen's Club in the distance.

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Public Library.

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