Figure 1. Finfish aquaculture distribution in B.C. (Basemap: ESRI, (2008); species data: B.C. Ministry of Environment, (2008) & Data Distribution Service, (2006).

The B.C. fisheries industry is a diverse primary fishery as it comprises three main aquatic species: Finfish, shellfish and marine plants (B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, 2007). Finfish are those that have obvious body parts such as a head, elongated body tail, fins and organs. They can live in fresh and/or salt water. They are a main contributor to the finfish sector. Shellfish on the other hand, as mentioned in their names, have shells. For example some species of shellfish are prawns, clams, geoducks and oysters. In the shellfish sector, oysters are the most cultivated species of shellfish within fish farms (B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, 2007). Finally, marine plants are plants that survive in fresh and/or saline water. Various seaweeds are an example of marine plants.