Canadian Arctic Voyage Routes: 1600 - 1800

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While searching for the Northwest Passage, the Canadian Arctic began to take shape through the discoveries of new land, islands, and waterways. Between 1612 and 1615, Thomas Button, Robert Bylot, and William Baffin made three voyages to Hudson Bay, searching unsuccessfully for both the missing explorer Henry Hudson and a passage to Asia. Even by the beginning of the 19th Century, much of the Canadian Arctic still remained uncharted and unknown.

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Canadian Arctic Voyage Routes: 1651 - 1760

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Exploration map Fig. 3

Map source: Natural Resources Canada. (This is an unoffical map)

Selected Route: William Baffin and Robert Bylot Voyage

(Exploration map Fig. 4 Image)

Baffin Island located in the north eastern Canadian Arctic region. Named after the explorer of the same name.