Tourist Attractions in Beijing
A city known for its rich culture, stunning architecture, and extensive history, Beijing is the ideal vacation spot for almost any traveller. Galleries, museums, and theaters provide exquisite examples of Chinese artwork, both traditional and contemporary. Below (clockwise from topleft) : Costumes: The Peking Opera , Antique Pottery, Bust: Museum of Xu Beihong, Turtle Sculpture: The Forbidden City , Carving: The Forbidden City , Tower: The Summer Palace, The Westrail Building, The Temple of Heaven, The Bank of China Building
State-of-the-art buildings stand side-by-side with historical, blending old and new with grace. A short walk or drive around Central Beijing will delight enthusiasts with sites of buildings such as the New Bank of China (left) and the Temple of Heaven (below, far left).
Many of the historical sites within and around the city have been well preserved or painstakingly restored, and with attractions like The Ming Tombs and The Great Wall within a day's travel, Beijing is the ideal base camp for your historic tour of Northern China.