New! Travelogues Video is up

October 31, 2019

If you missed the recent Travelogues event, you can catch the video recording of it here!

The Communications & Events Committee is excited to announce Valorie Crooks as the faculty representative for this event. Dr. Crooks is a professor in geography and a Canada Research Chair in Health Service Geographies. Mike Curran will be the grad student rep, and will reflect on his fieldwork on the Fraser River. The undergraduate speaker will be Daniel Ozol, who will report on his work with Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal, a Nepali NGO, on plastics recycling.

For those of you not familiar with the Travelogues event, it is an informal opportunity to learn about fieldwork-related, community-engaged, community-based, and similar experiences from other departmental members. Speakers reflect on opportunities and challenges presented by these first-hand research and learning opportunities. These fun and engaging presentations are followed by a light lunch where you can socialize with the speakers and other attendees.

For other departmental videos, check out the our Youtube channel here!