New Book: Money and Finance After the Crisis

September 06, 2017

Congratulations to Geoff Mann on the release of Money and Finance After the Crisis.

Money and Finance After the Crisis provides a critical multi-disciplinary perspective on the post-crisis financial world in all its complexity, dynamism and unpredictability. Contributions illuminate the diversity of ways in which money and finance continue to shape global political economy and society.

  • A multidisciplinary collection of essays that study the geographies of money and finance that have unfolded in the wake of the financial crisis
  • Contributions discuss a wide range of contemporary social formations, including the complexities of modern debt-driven financial markets
  • Chapters critically explore proliferating forms and spaces of financial power, from the realms of orthodox finance capital to biodiversity conservation
  • Contributions demonstrate the centrality of money and finance to contemporary capitalism and its political and cultural economies

Author Information

Brett Christophers is Professor of Geography at Uppsala University.

Andrew Leyshon is Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Nottingham.

Geoff Mann is Professor of Geography and Director of the Centre for Global Political Economy at Simon Fraser University.