photo credit: GETTY IMAGES, Coast to Coast

Dr. Paul Kingsbury on Coast to Coast AM - UFOs in the Bible

November 24, 2017

Coast to Coast AM has released a feature on Paul Kingsbury's paranormal research on November 19th, 2017. Paul appeared on Coast to Coast AM for a 1 hour live radio interview.

"Dr. Paul Kingsbury is a Canadian professor who has spent years studying those who study the paranormal. In the second hour, Kingsbury discussed his findings about those who are interested in these subjects and his efforts to discover what drives them to search for the unknown. Kingsbury has attended many paranormal conferences and says that they are "primarily centers for learning and teaching," and a place where people can meet and "won’t be ridiculed." As an academic, he neither believes nor disbelieves many of the subjects he is studying, and added that there is a movement in academia to be more engaged in social sciences where people are the object of research. He has also attended conferences on ghosts, Bigfoot, and crop circles, as well as UFOs, and believes that these issues "have affected people’s lives and we need a public dialogue" rather than ridicule or ignorance."  (Coast to Coast AM)

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