Valorie Crooks
Associate Professor

Department of Geography
Robert C. Brown Hall (RCB 6141)
Phone: 778-782-3507
Facsimile: 778-782-5841


I completed my PhD at McMaster University in 2005. The following year I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at York University. Since 2006 I have been a faculty member in the Department of Geography here at Simon Fraser University.

I am a health geographer. As such, I am interested in the spatial and place-based dimensions of health and health care. I broadly conceive of myself as a health services researcher, and have an ongoing interest in understanding lived experiences of accessing needed/wanted health and social care services. Because of this experiential focus, I primarily engage in non-hypothesis-testing qualitative research, or lead qualitative components of mixed-methods studies. Click here to learn more about the health geography research group at Simon Fraser University.


My research interests are best characterized by four areas of inquiry: (1) disability and chronic illness; (2) primary health care; (3) palliative health and social care; and (4) medical tourism. I have received funding from numerous agencies, and especially the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, to pursue collaborative projects in each of these areas. Click here to learn more about my medical tourism research. Click here to link to a short video in which I speak about my interests in disability and chronic illness research.



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