BCIA Academic Worksheet Guide

Thinking about becoming a Professional Agrologist? 

Specific courses are required in order to apply for registration as a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.).  The BCIA Academic Worksheet is a tool to help you track your progress towards completion of these courses.  You can use this worksheet throughout your degree to see which courses you still need.  Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to use the worksheet.


Using the BCIA Academic Worksheet

Getting Started

You will need:

Step One

Assess your courses:

  • cross-reference your advising transcript with the BCIA approved course listing for SFU
  • on your transcript, identify* the courses you will use in each of the three different sections of the academic worksheet

*Tip - you may want to use a different coloured highlighter to help you differentiate the courses for each section

Step Two

Fill in the BCIA Academic Worksheet:

  • using the advising transcript that you prepared in step one, fill in the courses in the corresponding section/s of the BCIA Academic Worksheet

Keep in mind that:

  • courses counted in the foundational natural sciences/additional foundational courses section (section 1 on the worksheet) cannot also be used in the agrology and senior agrology courses sections (sections 2 and 3)
  • upper division courses used for section 2 (all agrology courses) can also be used in section 3 (senior agrology-related courses)

Sample Worksheet