Geography Student Union

Co-Chair’s message on behalf of the G.S.U. (Department of Geography)

Everyday, students are exposed to the constant challenge of university, as they seek to learn, connect & expand their horizons. Despite these challenges, the Geography Student Union provides a unique opportunity for students to mix theoretical with unique experiences. Despite being an extremely diverse department, we strive to be a place and space of belonging for Geography students when they come to Simon Fraser University. The G.S.U. tries to foster the culture of Geography at S.F.U. by creating connections between students and departments as well as fostering connection to the land, our school, and each other. We facilitate this with programs such as nature walks, snowshoeing, tours of the surrounding community, connecting with public officials .

The G.S.U. has become an important place of connection and engagement within S.F.U. Geography. We seek to act as nexus between Geography students, the Department, the Faculty of Environment, and the Simon Fraser Student Society (S.F.S.S.). Through this Union, students are able to have a voice with the different bodies and actors that shape their time in University. We are also able to facilitate the mobilities of knowledge beyond the bounds of S.F.U. as we are able to provide travel and conference funding to students.

Geography Students can use our Union as a space to foster connections with their peers. We facilitate this through  striving to become a space of belonging. One of the ways we help students to become engaged is through a diverse number of events. Past programs include movie nights, pub nights, faculty meet & greets, career nights, local tours and more! Our events seek to engage students and help foster a sense of community and culture among S.F.U. Geography.

The highlight of the G.S.U. experience, is our annual Experiential Learning Trip. This multiple day trip is always to a region outside of the Lower Mainland, which gives Geography students a chance to explore and learn. Some past trips have included Whistler & Squamish in 2014 and Northern Vancouver Island in 2015. During these trips Geography students are able to take their theoretical knowledge and apply it to real world experiences.

By offering Geography students a voice, sense of community, and opportunities to become engaged, we hope to see students grow, challenge themselves, connect and find a sense of belonging. We strive to facilitate and foster the weaving of the Geography fabric that connects us. While this fabric may be extremely diverse, we know that it will help open our eyes to new ideas, new connections, and new horizons. This is what the Geography Student Union strives to do.

Please feel free to join us, as we continue to engage with students and the greater S.F.U. community. We hope to see you soon! Come be apart of the Geography adventure!

Henry Kosch & Seraphina Skands.

Executive Members

Events Coordinator: Cosette Gaudet
Secretary: Michelle Lam
Treasurer: Henry Kosch
S.F.S.S. Council Representative: Enkhjin Enkhtaivan
Social Media Coordinator: Maureen Solmundson


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