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GSU Chair’s Message  

As you come to university to learn and challenge yourself, you may also need to find a place at the university where you can come and settle in. The Geography Student Union (GSU) is here to foster the culture of Geography at SFU by creating connections between students as well as fostering connection to the land, our school, the broader community, and each other.

The Geography Student Union (GSU) is here to provide an important piece in your university career. We’re a group of Geography students with the goals of forming community among Geography students. You are a part of the student union if you’re a Geography major, minor, in a certificate programme supported by the department, and even just taking a Geography class!

The GSU offers students a voice in how they want to spend their time here. Some examples have been hikes around the Lower Mainland, laser tag, games nights at the pub, movie nights, faculty meet and greets, walking tours, and many more!  Beyond social events, we also advocate on your behalf and give you a platform to have your voice heard. By providing this environment, we want to provide a place for Geography students to learn and grow together in a meaningful space that provides a supportive environment for diverse interests and students.

The highlight of the G.S.U. experience, is our annual Experiential Learning Trip. This multiple day trip is always to a region outside of the Lower Mainland, which gives Geography students a chance to explore and learn. Some past trips have included Northern Vancouver Island in 2015, and Portland, Oregon in 2017. During these trips Geography students are able to take their theoretical knowledge and apply it to real world experiences.

Geography is a broad field. First year courses often grapple with the question of “What is Geography?”, a question that unites our department. Just as university can have hundreds of options, it can seem like the Geography department is just as varied. And that’s what makes the GSU so wonderful- not in spite, but because of a varied student population with many academic, extra-curricular, and personal interests, we have built a community that is yours to share in.  

With that, we extend our invitation to come and join us! We hope to see you soon!

Russell Copley (Chair)

Executive Members

Chair: Russell Copley
Events Coordinator: Winnie Wu
Secretary: Aaron Leung
Treasurer: Aaron Leung
S.F.S.S. Council Representative: Maria Besk
Communications Coordinator: Marina Miller
Departmental Representative: Marina Miller
Interdepartmental Liaison: Ryan Hayes


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