About Us

We are a community of faculty, researchers, and students looking at aging from an interdisciplinary perspective.  Issues covered in courses and research include:

  • Health & Aging
  • Aging & the Built Environment
  • Technology & Aging
  • Sociology of Aging

The Department of Gerontology has over 30 years of experience in providing interdisciplinary education in aging.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 1983: Post-baccalaureate Diploma in Gerontology started under the leadership of Dr. Gloria Gutman. Over 300 students have graduated from the program  to date.
  • 1996: Master of Arts in Gerontology established. 80+ students have completed the program
  • 1999: Minor in Gerontology established
  • 2008: PhD program in Gerontology established

The Gerontology Research Centre has had an active program of research, collaboration and knowledge dissemination since 1982.