Bowen Island Alumni Retreat

Join us for a weekend of reflection, discussion, good food and great company.

One of the benefits of being a GLS alumni is the freedom to engage with your peers in deep discussion without the demands of deadlines, exams or papers.  In order to facilitate this dialogue, we offer an annual spring Alumni Retreat, usually held at the Lodge at the Old Dorm on  Bowen Island.

A mere 20 minutes ferry ride from Horeshoe Bay, Bowen Island is close enough to be easily accessible, but remote enough to invoke the feeling of "getting away".  The retreat centers around a faculty-led, in-depth reading of a single text within a discussion group comprised of a mixture of current students and alumni.  Conversation can last late into the night if you choose to book a double-room with a classmate, or for just a few dollars more you can reserve a single room where you can withdraw and find solitude at the end of the night.  Discussion is punctuated by delicious meals, including a three-course dinner and a gourmet breakfast.

Here are a few of the texts that we have discussed during past Bowen Island Retreats:

  • 2016 - Sincerity and Authenticity by Lionel Trilling
  • 2015 - The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart  by John Amos Comenius
  • 2014 - The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry by Gary Greenberg

Our Bowen Island Retreats are usually organised in the Fall semester. For information about our next trip, contact the GLS offices.