Faculty and Staff

Liberal Studies seminars are taught by Simon Fraser University faculty selected for their teaching excellence and their disciplinary expertise, as well as their interest in interdisciplinary studies and their enthusiasm for teaching adults.  In any given year, faculty will include members from the Steering Committee as well as additional faculty drawn from across the Univesity and beyond.

Robin Barrow
BA, MA (Oxford), PGCE (Institute of Education, London) PhD (University of London)
Professor, Faculty of Education

Specialties: Educational theory, humanities, the problematic nature of empirical inquiry into human activity, and the role of higher education.

Office: EDB 8665

Lara Campbell
BA, BSW (McMaster), MA (U of Toronto), PhD (Queens)
Professor and Department Chair, Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Specialties: Canadian women’s and gender history; history of gender and welfare states; history of political protest in North America

Office: AQ 5096
Homepage  | lcampbel@sfu.ca

Sasha Colby
BA, MA (Victoria), PhD (Sussex)
Director - Graduate Liberal Studies; Associate Professor, Department of English

Specialties: The intersection of literature and theatre. Her work asks how literature and its contexts can be newly explored, represented, and disseminated through dramatization and other forms of embodiment.

Office: Vancouver campus HC 2407
Homepage  | scolby@sfu.ca

Peter Dickinson
BA (U of Toronto) MA, PhD (UBC)
Director of the Institute for Performance Studies; Professor, Department of English; Associate Professor, Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Specialties: Performance studies, theatre studies, and dance studies; film studies; Queer theory and gender studies; comparative Canadian literary and cultural studies

Office: Vancouver campus HC 3205
Homepage peter_dickinson@sfu.ca

Stephen Duguid 
BA (Ill), MA, PhD (S Fraser)
Founding Director, GLS; Graduate Chair, GLS; Professor Emeritus, Department of Humanities & GLS; Simons Chair, GLS

Specialties: 18th and 19th century intellectual and cultural history, environmental studies

Office: Vancouver campus HC 2407
 | duguid@sfu.ca

Anne-Marie Feenberg-Dibon
BA, MA, (U of Paris), PhD, (U of California)
Professor, Department of Humanities

Specialties: the Enlightenment, 19th & 20th c. European fiction, history.  Understanding the relation between the novel and society generally

Office: AQ 5111

Thomas Grieve 
BA, MA (S Fraser) PhD (Johns H)
Associate Professor, Department of English

Specialties: Literary Modernism, 20th Century poetry

Office: Burnaby campus (by appointment)
Homepage | grieve@sfu.ca

Mary-Ellen Kelm
MA (SFU), PhD (U of T)
Canada Research Chair & Professor, Department of History

Specialties: Power dynamics, Canada, the Americas

Office: AQ 6227
| kelm@sfu.ca

Michael Kenny 
BA, MA (Virginia), DPhil (Oxford)
Mentor & Simons Fellow, GLS; Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology

Specialties: Social and cultural effects of genetics, genomics and neuroscience

Office: Vancouver campus HC 2401
| kenny@sfu.ca

Helen Leung 
BA(Oxford), MA, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Associate Professor, Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Specialties: Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies; Queer and Trans* Theories; Queer and Trans* Autobiographical Media; Topics in Film & Cultural Studies; Post-Third Wave Feminisms

Office: AQ 5104A
Homepage |  helen_leung@sfu.ca

Gary McCarron
BA (SFU), MA, PHD (York)
Associate Professor, School of Communication

Specialties: Relationships between communication theory and the social determinants of health; critical discourse analysis; moral philosophy.

Office: K9668
Homepage | gmccarro@sfu.ca

Emily O'Brien
BAU (U of Toronto), MA, PhD, (Brown)
Associate Professor, Departments of History & Humanities

Specialties: Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe; Medieval and Renaissance Italy; the history of historical writing; the city of Rome, antiquity to the present day.

Office: AQ 6240
Homepage | eobrien@sfu.ca

Geoff Poitras 
BA (Dalhousie), MA (McMaster),
M Phil, PhD (Columbia)
Professor, Finance, Beedie School of Business

Specialties: Security analysis, corporate finance, international financial management

Office: WMC 3333

Eleanor Stebner 
BA (Alberta), MA (Marquette), PhD (Northwestern)
J.S. Woodsworth Chair in Humanities; Associate Professor, Department of Humanities

Specialties: 19th and 20th Century North American history, Religious Social Movements, Culture and Ideas

Office: AQ 5123

Jerry Zaslove
BA (Case W Reserve), PhD (Washington)
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Humanities & English; Mentor & Simons Fellow, GLS

Specialties: Comparative Literature and Social History of Art influenced but not limited by the traditions of the radical and individual implications of critical theory and the arts, European literature, psychoanalysis and aesthetics, anarchism.

Office: Vancouver campus HC 2446