Jerry Zaslove

SIMONS CHAIR:  Mentor for GLS Students

BA (Case W Reserve), PhD (Washington)
Office: Vancouver campus HC 2446

Dr. Zaslove is a founding faculty member of SFU and since 1965, he has taught European literature, humanities, and the social history of art. 

Dr. Zaslove is available for conversation and "mentoring" this term some days, evenings and weekends. 

Recent Speaking Engagements and Publications:

“No bus is stopping here: Sylvia Borda’s Photographs of 100 Bus Stops - Homage to the Incommensurably Lingering Space and Place”, for Surrey Art Gallery. Publication.

A Note on Marat Sade: The Revolution and Anarchism in Exile by Peter Weiss for Althea Thauberger’s Installation on Marat Sade in Prague, Audain Gallery Panel, March 5, 2014. 

Robert Chaplin’s Rag and Bone Shop - His Utopian Projects of Rigorous Beauty - Polarities, Dividing Lines, and Leaking Boundaries, Chapbook, Available at Unit/Pitt Gallery.Publication.

“Adorno and Exile: The Minima Moralia of Writing in Adorno’s Exilic State of Mind’, Presentation for the Institute for the Humanities Symposium on "Theodor Adorno: Music, Language, Authenticity". November 8.

Benjamin’s “Litmus Test”: The Aesthetics of Violence and Culture as an “Enigmatic Signifier” presented at Vancouver Institute for Social Research. November 10, 2014.

Michael Kenny


BA (Univ of Virginia), MA (Univ. of Virginia), PhD (Oxford)
Office: Vancouver campus HC 2401

"Michael Kenny is Professor (Emeritus) in the Department of Sociology/Anthropology at SFU, where he taught for many years. His interests have ranged from African oral tradition and the nature of social memory, to the cultural history of the 'multiple personality' concept in western psychiatry, to the history of the eugenics movement, with particular regard to the concept of 'race'. He has taught in Graduate Liberal Studies since 2007.

Recent Publications:

Stories of Culture and Place: An Introduction to Anthropology. University of Toronto Press, 2014. With Kirsten Smillie.

Genomics, Genetic Identity, and the Refiguration of Race,' in P. Farber & H. Cravens (eds.), Race and Science: Challenges to Racism in Contemporary America. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2009: 213-227.

‘A Question of Blood, Race, and Politics,’ Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 61(4): 456-491; 2006

‘A place for memory: The interface between personal and collective history,’Comparative Studies in Society and History, 41(3): 420-437; 1998

‘Toward a racial abyss: Eugenics, Wickliffe Draper, and the origins of the Pioneer Fund,’ Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 38(3), 259-283; 2002

‘Racial science in social context: John R. Baker on eugenics, race, and the public role of the scientist,’ Isis, 95: 394-419; 2004

'A darker shade of green: Medical botany, homeopathy, and cultural politics in interwar Germany,' Social History of Medicine, 15(3), 481-504; 2004