Faculty and Staff

The Steering Committee has overall responsibility for the academic guidance of the program. The Committee is composed of faculty from various disciplines, three current students and two alumni (students and alumni are elected by the student body).

Robin Barrow
BA, MA (Oxford), PGCE (Institute of Education, London) PhD. (University of London)
Office: Faculty of Education - Burnaby Campus

Jennifer Chutter
GLS Alumni Coordinator

Sasha Colby 
BA, MA (Victoria), PhD(Sussex)
Director, GLS, Associate Professor of English
Office: Vancouver campus HC2407
Homepage  | scolby@sfu.ca

Peter Dickinson
BA (U of Toronto) MA, PhD (UBC)
Director of the Institute for Performance Studies
Professor of English
Associate Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
Office: Vancouver campus HC 3205
Homepage  | peter_dickinson@sfu.ca

Stephen Duguid
BA (Ill), MA, PhD (S Fraser)
Founding Director - GLS
Professor of Humanities
Office: Vancouver campus

Thomas Grieve 
BA, MA (S Fraser) PhD (Johns H)
Associate Professor of English
Office: Burnaby campus
Homepage | grieve@sfu.ca

Deborah Jones-Kennedy
Student Alumni Representative


Michael Kenny 
BA, MA (Virginia), DPhil (Oxford)
Professor of Anthropology
Office: Vancouver Campus HC 2401
Homepage | kenny@sfu.ca

Helen Leung 
BA(Oxford), MA, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Associate Professor, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Office: Burnaby campus AQ 5104A

Gary McCarron
BA (SFU), MA, PhD (York)
Professor of Communications
Office: Faculty of Communications - Burnaby Campus

Melissa Mcdowell
Current Student Representative

Rua Mercier
Current Student Representative

Emily O'Brien 
BA (UofT), MA, PhD (Brown)
Assistant Professor of History
Office: History Department
Homepage | eobrien@sfu.ca

Geoff Poitras 
BA (Dalhousie), MA (McMaster), M Phil, PhD (Columbia)
Professor of Business Administration
Office: Faculty of Business Administration

Eleanor Stebner 
BA (Alberta), MA (Marquette), PhD (Northwestern)
Chair of Humanities, J.S. Woodsworth Chair in Humanities and Associate Professor
Office: Humanities Department - Burnaby campus

Jerry Zaslove 
BA (Case W Reserve), PhD (Washington)
Professor Emeritus, Humanities & English Office: Humanities Department
Mentor, Simon's Chair, GLS
Vancouver campus HC 2446