Martha Nussbaum Event Photo Gallery

March 31, 2017

Thanks once again to everyone who came out to see visiting philosopher Martha Nussbaum. Professor Nussbaum’s visit was a memorable event that allowed GLS to pay tribute to a writer and thinker whose works have featured prominently in the GLS curriculum over the years. Her works have helped shaped our views on the role of emotion in politics and rational thought. They have also expanded our conception of justice. Finally, they have shown us how the Greek concept of eudaimonia still has applicability to our lives today.

This was a tremendously successful event, organised by SAR/GLS PhD candidates Duane Fontaine and Kerstin Stuerzbecher with the aid of Dr. Stephen Duguid as well as the great folks at SFU's Public Square. Dale Northey of SFU Creative Services did a phenomenal job of photographing the event for us. Photos can be found below.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!