Upcoming GLS MA Defence, Summer 2018

June 21, 2018

Don Shafer - Climate Change And The Many Faces of Denial

Monday, July 16,11 am
Room 1525 - SFU Harbour Ctr.

Despite growing evidence, there seems a general reluctance to accept the seriousness of climate change or that human activities are a prime cause. While there needs to be a substantial change in humanity’s relationship with the Earth, evidence confirms that we have done very little about it. For many, this reluctance manifests itself as a kind of denial. For others, their reluctance is embedded in cultural, religious, or tribal beliefs.

This human ability to ignore those things that conflict with one’s values and beliefs, or that are so unimaginable that one can’t deal them, often increase our anxiety. This project explores the inaction around climate change, as well as the impact of that inaction on people and communities. It explores why some people are in varying degrees of denial about climate change, and how climate change relates to social, political and economic issues. While it may not be hopeless as some experts suggest, it is deadly serious.

By using a narrative based inquiry method, this project explores the many aspects of climate change. It utilises field texts, stories, journals, interviews with over seventy experts, and personal experience as the units of analysis to research and understand this complex topic better.